The practice of astrology is based on the mathematical possibility of measuring location in motion, the idea being to locate the relative position of a number of significant interacting influences at an instant of time.

When you are reading a horoscope, which is a snapshot of time, it is vital to remain aware that there is no such thing in reality as an instant of time.

When the Aries Point is on the horizon, the axes of Earth’s rotation and revolution are in alignment, and the Winter Solstice Point is due-north at Mid-Heaven. At this moment, the Vertex is exactly conjunct the Descendant, but a fraction of a second before or after it is not, and that fraction is infinitesimally, immeasurably small. Which house the Vertex is in depends on the accuracy of measurement, and indeed our imagination allows the identification of a moment when it is in neither.

With this realization, we can ask ourselves, “When was I born?” and, “When does the Sun set?”. This is the real reason that astrological aspects deal with orbs.

The experience of the symmetry, regularities and synchronicities entailed in Solar System behaviour is a beautiful one, with the potential to awaken us to both the potency and contingency of our perspective.

The real purpose of a horoscope should not be to define, but to present suggestions as to your state of being in such a way as to help you to ‘get’ your immeasurability, to help you to the sense of wonder at the limits of identification which is the portal leading back out of yourself, out of your self-created problems, predicament or mood, towards the awareness of contingency and emptiness, and to enlightenment.

Whether the configuration of my horoscopes is Northern or Southern Sidereal or Tropical, make the exercise of reading them a meditation, a practice of intellectual and emotional deep breathing.