The South Pole of the Ecliptic revolves around the South Celestial Pole, which is your latitude above your horizon, in a clockwise direction, at an angular distance equal to the tilt of Earth’s axis of rotation.

The Ecliptic arcs across the northern sky in ever-changing orientation to the horizon, but when its pole crosses the Prime Meridian due south, the points on the Ecliptic at its intersection with the Celestial Equator, the so-called Aries and Libra Points, align due east and west with the horizon.

This occurs at sunrise and sunset at the Equinoxes, and 3mins 56secs earlier each day. I will post a weekly chart of each as the year progresses. Only the Vertices will stay the same, because their manifestations are according to house, but they too will vary across the horizon, because the moment I’m going to freeze is a nanosecond.VirgoRisingMar23