I am trying to find an astrological system which encourages both an exploration and use of the potential of a moment, and an awareness of the illusory nature of form and perspective.

You are young, and experiencing the awesome possibility that your loving might be destined to be returned by the one who embodies your highest ideals? I deplore the fashionable diagnosis of limerence, and any advice which is intended to stop you making a mistake.

You are getting older, and life doesn’t seem to throw you as many options as it used to, or you have been crushed once too often, and now it seems that loneliness is easier to master than relationship? Come with me under the stars, try to feel the throb of the solar system in your guts, cherish your way, even as it bobs like a match in the spume.

The Vertex seems vital to this mission. Its mystique emerges from the regularity of its behaviour on my horizon, kin to the seasonal markers of astrology in my hemisphere.

When it conjuncts the winter solstice it has gone as far as it can towards realization and still be conscious.

When it conjuncts the summer solstice, it has gone as far as it can towards publicity and still retain personal power.

When either of the solstices are at midheaven the Vertex sweeps past the Descendant in instant disequilibrium, and the song of the hormones hears its echo.

These moments are as regular as clockwork. They punctuate our waking and sleeping hours in precisely the same configuration of stars exactly 3mins 56secs earlier every day.

What is a life measured in this way?