SpringMC_Meridian_May17The Sun in tonight’s chart is 1.5° from Taurus, which it will enter at 10:17 on Tuesday, but does this really mean anything? Where is the boundary of Taurus? Where is yours? Taureans aren’t born when the Sun is in Taurus, or are they?

Southern Hemisphere Astrology horoscopes do not aspire to predict the future, define a personality or describe a universe. They might do a little of all those things, but they have only one purpose, to open your mind to its self.

Just as a satellite image can identify concentrations of traffic or garbage or water vapour, SHA sees a horoscope as a heat-map of recent and ongoing concentrations of activity in the self which it may not have been conscious of as related to each other.

The contents of the sky are a web catching flies. A spider knows what they are and where they are from the imprint of their struggle to escape. Tomorrow’s flies die in the burning calories of today’s, at a particular destined moment in time. Spider, web, fly: keywords. You could get fanciful and add wind, rain, garbage, bird, hair. It’s your story.

The Vertex is the self as other, the spider as fly in her own web, the end of the pendulum swing. It reaches its highest altitude when it is occupied by the Summer Solstice, and its lowest point beneath the horizon when it coincides with the Winter Solstice.

A look at these two moments on Monday demonstrates two different, probably incompatible, personalities, and they can be identified by the heat-maps of two meditations, irrespective of Sun position.

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