As I keep repeating, my horoscopes are for unpicking confirmation bias, and rather than replacing one system with another, for providing a tool, almost a random keyword generator, which can help to reveal the emptiness at the heart of confirmation bias.

I recognise in the keywords used by contemporary self-help modules, in particular the terms ‘presence’ and ‘mindfulness’, a promise that fear, anxiety and despair can be eliminated by transcending a limited experience of self.

What I am witnessing is not a transcendence of self, but a narcissistic inflation of self, an expansion of personality which looks like an embrace of otherness but seems rather a deluded entrenchment of infantile defences against failure, loss and finitude.

See if you can find symptoms of these defences as you focus self-awareness on the keywords presented by the horoscopes which follow. Let’s make no bones about it: we do fail, we do lose, and we do, after a very short time, die! We need help to deal with spiritual awareness less than we need help to develop it!

These horoscopes present a lot of in-form-ation. Practise the art of sweeping your eye down the page—up the west, in the direction the planets revolve—against the current of the Earth’s rotation, against the chronological order of the houses, and against the tempo of our emergence into relationships each day. By the time you move clockwise into the personal eastern half of the chart, you may be seeing your identity for what it is!

What is a ‘Chronotype’?

I am coming to believe not only that the season of your birth does imprint itself on your development, but that the time of day does too. I am noticing in myself a vitality which waxes and wanes, and with it my creativity, my mood and my attitude.

There is not much difference between the four Chronotypes in terms of planetary positions, but as you read down from ninth to twelfth house as I have suggested, you will find four unique orientations. Which is yours?