I may have overplayed my hand with regard to Southern Hemisphere Signs.

The characteristics of the Zodiac Constellations evolved through the experience of Northern Hemisphere seasons, and it seems to me the most glaring deficiency of sidereal astronomy to simply allocate to the Constellations their Signs.

I have attempted to undermine this practice by highlighting its arbitrariness. Northern Hemisphere conventions must be questioned for the Southern Hemisphere, whether tropical or sidereal.

To this end, I have divided the zodiac in two ways. The western hemisphere locates the conflict between Northern Hemisphere sidereal and tropical astrology, and the eastern hemisphere mirrors the conflict upside down. The hemisphere above the horizon, symbolizing what we are conscious of, is given to the siderealists, and tropical astrology rules beneath.

An incongruity reveals itself in the chart below, which I am pondering. Stay tuned.SpringMC_Meridian_Jun07