A week is a long time in astronogy [sic]. Dissatisfied with the anomaly discovered in last week’s chart which loses a sign, I experimented with various combinations of northern and southern hemisphere tropical and sidereal resonances in the quadrants, and concluded that I was losing the plot.By all means, I told myself, disturb immigrated archetypes based solely on bias confirmation, but do it without detracting from the connection with the real sky you’re trying to encourage.

Accordingly, for the present, constellations resonate only with their southern tropical archetypes.

With the series of chronotypes I am drawing your attention to configurations of the daily rhythm of a gyration involving the horizon with the ecliptic and the equator, which may or may not establish a palpable influence on your sensibility.

At the end of this post you will find this week’s Spring Chronotype, whose pulse has phased back into evening twilight and we’re about to progress to the evening culmination of the summer solstice.

First I want you to look at a synergy of northern and southern tropical interpretations which may cause you to think more seriously about who you are astrologically and who you are not.

First in a series of archetypes, here is ‘Gemini’. Note where you find the recognizable Gemini characteristics in the angles, and how they harmonise with what is actually in the sky. Let me remind you that the IC, the cusp of realization, is what you have to deal with in order to accomplish what is proposed at ‘mid-heaven’ as your highest challenge.GEMINI ARCHETYPE HAPPENSTANCE

And this week’s chart, introducing only southern tropical signs. Enjoy your evenings.SpringMC_Meridian_Jun14