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As I have pointed out before, conventional astrological charts show east on the left because northern hemisphere natives are looking at the zodiac in the south. Their houses are numbered anticlockwise from there following the order of the signs—which rotate clockwise—despite the obvious error of placing the first house below the horizon.
The first planks upon which Southern Hemisphere Astrology is built are:
East is on the right and the sky rotates anticlockwise;
The houses number anticlockwise from the east;
Signs correspond to the season in which they are occupied by the Sun, and so Zodiac constellations carry the northern hemisphere’s opposite sign—ignoring the technical accuracy of placing the first 2.25° (currently) of each constellation in the previous sign, as demanded by a strict division of the year into four seasons, which we don’t have, full stop.

So next Sunday, a few days before the summer solstice, the Sun enters the SHA constellation of Sagittarius, which carries the northern hemisphere summer solstice sign of Cancer.Sun in Sagittarius 20Dec
To give you a picture of the boundary, which transits at nightfall in September and daybreak in April:Sagittarius CircleI think it’s pretty obvious that this is a sidereal chart showing coordinates expressed in right ascension, as is the chart below. The precise correlation–and the difference is minimal, since equatorial and ecliptic coordinates measure from the same origin–between angles expressed in right ascension and the needlessly confusing angles of the ecliptic system is tabulated in the SHA 2016 Calendar, coming.

As alluded to by the Moon himself in the previous post, Southern Hemisphere Astrology gives primary focus to the Tenth House and the Imum Coeli, and not the Fourth and the Medium Coeli. I continue to choose pregnant silence on this choice, and let the resonances of dream and will, soul and ego, hidden and visible, empty and structural, ferment to your liking. However, it is obvious that polarities link not only the hemispheres above and below the horizon, but the southern and northern geographical hemispheres as well.Sagittarius Nightwatch
For example, note that when Sagittarius is at the Imum Coeli, and the natives are charging their batteries, the sign overhead on the northern meridian is Capricorn. Also note that in the projection above, the sky is rotating clockwise, as it does in the northern hemisphere. The Earth only spins one way, but the direction of the sky’s apparent motion depends on an observer’s orientation.Sagittarius Nights
Incidentally, here is a mnemonic to remember or teach the order of the Zodiac: Gurus Can Loathe Very Little Signs Of Spiritual Change And Preach A Totality. The ‘O’ represents Ophiuchus, and ‘A’ for Aries is appropriately the first letter of our alphabet.