The origin of the so-called Breamlea Zodiac has changed. Previously the ecliptic longitude of the slow-moving star Iota1 Scorpii, it is henceforth the right ascension of that star on the ecliptic. Supergiant ‘Yabby’ enjoys its status because it is so clearly the easternmost star of our most prominent constellation, and being currently close to the summer solstice its line of longitude is almost parallel to its line of right ascension, but not quite.

While investigating the entry of Mars into Sagittarius later in the year, I was annoyed to find that when Yabby and Mars were both at the Meridian, Mars was still 20-odd minutes inside Scorpio. No longer!Constellation Datum Change Apr20

All Breamlea Zodiac constellations are shifted by the indicated margin to the west, and so all relative star positions are increased by a fraction of a degree. See how important the north is to us in the south?Zodiac RA Coords New

Seasons are not affected, although Sun position is, because the seasons fluctuate around nightfall apparition of stars.Melbourne Seasonal Marker Stars