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A drone flew into a sheepfold one day, and found himself in a situation of some confusion. A wolf delegate outside the fold was offering security to the sheep if they would get rid of the dogs that guarded them. The ram was his usual stiff-necked self, telling the sheep that they weren’t safe even with the dogs, and they would be defenceless without them. The wolf was suggesting that as the dogs didn’t guarantee the sheep’s safety, they might as well be got rid of. The drone admired his reasoning. “What do the sheep think?” he asked. The sheep were unanimous: “We’re sick and tired of fearing for our lives; we should make peace with the wolves, and accept their terms.” “They’re right,” said the drone, “there should be no fear in this world, only love and goodwill among all animals. Get rid of the hateful dogs.” As soon as the dogs were gone the wolves fell on the sheep and devoured them, and the ram was first.

Don’t trust wolves and be wary of the collaboration of a blow-in.Drone Enters Sheratan Gate