Every Full Moon cycle reminds us that a human life evades narrative by going around and around in circles and being indistinguishable from any other. Only evangelists talk of life being a journey, or people trying to sell you something.

On the other hand, people have always learned to talk so they could tell stories, and every New Moon begins a new story like the one before, with an entirely predictable outcome.

The next Full Moon will occur on the threshold of Deep Winter, and the Moon will be in Libra. This asks two questions. Does each Constellation have two opposite signs? And if men nurtured children from birth would seasonal similarities of personality be identifiable from the mirror sign?

Where were we? Thank you.

As I said, or meant to say, every story has the same meaning, whatever it relates. The New Moon is his realization that there is no journey. He took on board what the Sun told him back in Pisces and tried to transform it, embody it in the opposite Constellation and show the Sun there is always something she needs to learn from him, that her power fulfils itself in the arcane light of his campfire.

Did he succeed? She is the judge, already telling him something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if she weren’t sending him on another errand into the night just to get him out of her hair.

Building things is a lot harder than it looks. Cooperation is not just a matter of persuading others to help you get what you want, but helping others to get what they want when you want something else.

The whole process of incessant negotiation to maintain commitment to a disintegrating idea by supporters of other ideas is exhausting and fraught with disappointment, the Moon has found.

Perhaps it is better not to build, to appreciate what others are driven to achieve, but in the context of impermanence and undependability, see the redundancy of effort, be more reserved, more selective, more objective.

Is that really what the Sun is saying, as she hunches into the cold weather?NEW MOON APR 19