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The small, landlocked, ethnically Arian principality of Aries is in turmoil tonight, as a horde of refugees sweeps across its borders following the announcement of an historic accord between the Eastern and Western Blocs of constellations, which imposes on members cooperation with, and acknowledges responsibility for, the so-called Second Diaspora. A delegation of celebrities from Leo is on its way to urge the government to show compassion, and to apply restraint as activists on the steps of parliament fan the embers of bitter resentment which remain in Aries from the treaty which displaced it so many years ago.Peasant Moon 2015

Sources have confirmed that the bounty of this year’s harvest could well remain ungathered as the rural population move en masse to the capital, in open disregard of the national interest, to assert what amount to isolationist agrarian values. Their spiritual leader is a pugnacious priest who calls himself ‘Father Moon’, a renowned bullfighter before the ‘sport’ was banned as one of the conditions Aries was forced to accept for continuing membership of the Western Bloc.

With violent confrontation between farmers and refugees seeming inevitable, Government spokespeople were this evening remaining tight-lipped.Peasant Moon Oct27