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Just get on with it, was my mother’s philosophy. Tomorrow the Sun overtakes Arcturus, the star which culminates at nightfall in Early Spring.Sun Overtakes Arcturus Oct31

The division between Spring and Summer is CRAZED. Regardless of the weather, a profound change is manifesting itself in creaturely behaviour: it is the evolution, out of the turbulence of Spring, of ATTITUDE, nothing less than a consciousness, like a shipwrecked immigrant’s clinging to a slippery rock in thunderous surf, that possibility has limits, and they are OUR limits as integrated selves.

How joyfully consequential is our participation as organisms in the tumultuous SPECIES renewal of Virgo and the existential angst of Libra! But now consequence begins to overwhelm. Now is the hour of our fruiting, our parenthood.
Summer is DESTINY, not consequence: the duty is upon us to BE consequence, mindfully though we try.

High Summer draws the line, not when the Sun enters Scorpio (and certainly not Capricorn—outdated northern tropical geometry). Summer comes simply, whatever the date, when Spring gets TOO MUCH!

What is the sign?High Summer Nov09

[Imagine being of the first generations (as indeed you may be). Would you not be enlivened by the suspicion, if not the discovery, since you lack more than rudimentary method, that the Sun’s shortest shadow is always cast in the same direction? This is the mystical reality of North. Are you alive to it? No? North is one of the poles of Earth’s rotation, and that’s that? Perhaps you can at least feel a difference between morning and afternoon, some sense of alignment of the source of light with the enthusiasm, procrastination, culmination and disappointment of the day’s intention? Understand the division of the day at North by astrologers, and the implicit association of the afternoon with a depletion of energy and a recognition of social complexities which must console the frustration of egoic impulse. Recognise the Geometry embedded in your human soul. Look to the North at nightfall.]

And in the same week for Morning People, the grace of the Angel of Death.Sirius Transit Daybreak Nov07