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How has it happened that a generation so committed to social engineering, and so engaged now with the eastern philosophy of mind, is so powerless to determine policy on climate change, involvement in the middle-east, and assimilation of ethnic and religious minorities, that they are reduced to shrill opposition? A slightly different question: how can a generation so demonstrably unsuccessful in enhancing its culture with a nutritious and marketable interpenetration of rights and obligations continue to believe that their opinions on world problems are of any value?

Where are the charismatic leaders? What are the pop idols saying? What is the image of celebrity? What are the words from the pulpit to confirm the soul of challenge to the resentful assertiveness of alien morality?

Is it simply that the parents in lotus-position are unlearning intolerance of the riot of the children? But if nothing is good, and nothing bad, how to understand the intimate coexistence of sanctimony and the idolatrous stature of difference?

At the very least, the relationship of order to freedom and peace seems to be an article of faith. Order does not bring peace, nor peace order. The analyst is enigmatic. Is the focus on solutions merely clinging to a denial of death?

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