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Early Spring Image Jul24Representing Metatron as one of the archangels who transit at nightfall to shepherd our local seasons, expansive Arcturus is distributing blueprints for renewed growth. True Spring is the portfolio of Antares (Uriel) in a month.Melbourne Seasonal Marker Stars

I await clarification from the Victorian Government on the propriety of linking my observations with Aboriginal cultural heritage. My source of information on local seasons can be found here.

The identification of six seasons by the Wurundjeri people is sufficient reason to abandon the geometry of northern hemisphere astrology, and attach the signs in southern order to the constellations, not according to distance from the (northern hemisphere) Vernal Equinox. The appealing symmetry of quaternaries, elements and gender, magnetic or mathematical polarity cuts no ice down here, where we are belatedly learning to go outside, look up, and make up our own mind.Early Spring Jul24