Don’t worry about progressing natal horoscopes. They’re almost irrelevant.

Your universe had a name when you were born and a nature, but that has changed, and not because of any influence by the stars or the seasons, unless you have been influenced by your daily horoscope from somewhere, and modelled yourself on your astrological type.

The universe has changed because it exists in time. Each moment is a self-transformation, a breathing in of what is breathed out, new things made of old things, old things made of new. The past evolves its relevance out of the present as it asserts itself as context in structure and law. The past is the present’s food, and the present’s digestive system is synchronized, adapted as it has always been.

This is how your nature has evolved. You have chewed yourself up and spat yourself out a million times. You taste different, your appetite is different, your digestion is different, your teeth are different. If you’re my generation, you no longer sit down to dinner at noon and eat tea at night, but, horror of horrors, you eat lunch at noon, American-style, and your dinner you eat at night!

None of this was caused or foretold by the stars or implied by your nature. The universe is not subject to immutable laws which exist outside time. Your nature is to deal with your changing environment the best way you know how. It is not to influence it or keep it the same. That’s your attitude, which wasn’t ever written in the stars.

The purpose of life is to persuade the past to exist, and the present to behave. That is the nature you were born with, whether the spring equinox is in March or September, Pisces or Aries.

Eat your natal horoscope.