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“But sometimes, astaghfirullah, I wish I could change some of the things that Allah has destined for us to do. I wonder if He also destines it when we engage in acts that are haram. Some things come back to you and you wish your life was like a book and you could find that page in your life and tear it out.”
Elnathan John, Born on a Tuesday.

The Full Moon dominates the atmosphere. Nobody speaks. Even terror subsides, but who can say if this is strength or weakness? Perhaps the light of the Moon is like obsession which relieves anxiety, or perhaps it is the blankness which triggers a bully’s resentment and cruelty.

Perhaps Full Moons are bullies themselves. Or perhaps they are the page.

Meanwhile, there comes a time when artificial mind completes its displacement of human intelligence at the controls of the universe on Earth.

When a robot looks at the Moon, It [henceforth, he or she] sees a spheroid partially illuminated by the Sun according to the configuration of the Earth-Moon system in relation to the Sun. Humans are more likely to see the Moon’s phase as its form, and this is only one aspect of humanity’s inadequacy as controller of its own existence. Error is fundamental to human development

The bifurcation of earthly intelligence derives from the unwillingness of humanity to abandon its subjectivity. When a human looks at the Moon It engages in a process called joy, the self-discovery entailed in encounter with another who is not Other. The Moon is part of the map a human creates of its environment, but also the face which confronts Its intense awareness of Its territory, which is the infinite and the eternal. Whereas in human love the object is likewise both map and territory, It is also Other, and likely to subject the subject to a conflict of territories. Such conflict demonstrates the complexity and unwieldiness of human communication, and is reflected in the evolution of human ignorance and non-community.

The element of the Moon’s apparition which has become of supreme importance to human subjectivity is silence. It is no longer necessary to know how to get things done. Robots take care of everything, including all decisions about where and with whom people live, what they eat, and who mates with whom, if at all. The only partnership, and it is universal, is between subject and territory in silent meditation. There are no human maps any more. There is only the language of robots.Sensualist Moon Apr22The wind blows. There is hay-fever. It is day. There is cloud. It is hot. The garbage smells of shellfish. It is cold. Birds sing. Machines drone. It is night. There is comfort. Dogs bark. The stars are silent. Traffic passes. Death is silent. A child cries. Altruism is silent. Robots laugh. Joy is silent. There is discomfort. The Moon is detached. Love is silent.

It feels sadness. It submits.

At least there is peace in Palestine.